Business Seller Considerations

Transaction Structure

You have choices on how to structure your transition. Sell 100% of the company? Sell a portion and participate in future growth? Which approach is right for you and your family?

CEU Advisory Group partner firms offer flexibility in the structure of a transaction. While investment typically requires majority interest, deal structures may also involve  an ongoing equity stake for owners, their families, and senior leaders.

Transaction Economics

What is a fair price for your business?

CEU Advisory Group and its partner firms seek fair transactions which work for everyone. Tell us a transaction structure and price which works for you and let's try to work it out.


What role do you wish to play in the business following a transaction, if any? How are you going to spend your time after a transition of ownership?

CEU Advisory Group and our partner firms are open to options regarding ongoing involvement from sellers. Some will want to continue as CEO and lead ongoing growth. Some will want an advisory role and/or a board position. Some will simply want to exit. We are open to a discussion.


How will your employees be affected by a transaction? What about the leadership team? What about family members working in the business?

CEU Advisory Group and our partner firms  understand that there are many staff sensitivities and complexities when selling a business. We aim to get these issues on the table in a manner that allows founders and buyers to talk through changes in ownership.


What will be your legacy after you sell? How will you be viewed by the employees, the community, and customers and suppliers?

CEU Advisory Group and our partner community understand a seller wants to leave behind a positive legacy. Let's discuss what success looks like to you.