Our Value Add and Mission

We enable positive transformative change by leveraging our deep experience gained as actual business operators. We are familiar with Mergers & Acquisitions, along with managing and scaling a company, while in parallel, identifying and acquiring businesses to fill product and revenue gaps. 

Who We Are

Our team has extensive experience in building for scale, generating deal flow, executing contracts, buying companies, selling companies and successfully integrating acquired assets. We have Equity and Debt experience and have contributed to over $200M in transactions.

How We Work With Partners

Operational demands of running a business can distract from strategic planning for scale, execution, organizational design and deal sourcing. We solve these and other business challenges by delivering proprietary solutions, services and analysis. Sample client deliverables include; business restructure and optimization, revenue growth and retention, Enterprise deal origination, Buy-Side/Sell-Side M&A negotiations and procurement.

Mergers & Acquisitions

In select situations, we represent financial firms and companies seeking Buy-Side/Sell-Side Merger & Acquisition solutions. In such engagements, we create opportunities and connect buyers and sellers. For sellers, we aim to present exit solutions to the retirement-ready business owner or the owner of a fast-growing business seeking liquidity, growth capital, management or board guidance.